The LoanTape: Legal + Regulatory Conference fills the need for comprehensive information about non-bank business lending. This program is geared for lenders and service providers interested in understanding the complex issues faced by those working in the alternative lending sector.

Hosted by the publisher of The Alternative Lending Report, the leading source of news and analysis of non-bank business lending.

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Comprehensive discussion of issues affecting SME lending.


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The Agenda: Comprehensive Content & Innovative Ideas

We’re providing comprehensive legal insights about alternative business lending. Our program covers the major legal and regulatory issues faced by market participants so that you’ve got the knowledge to stay ahead of the competition.

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Opening Remarks

Discussing the Unique Legal/Regulatory Position of Nonbank Lenders (Panel)

  • General framework outside traditional regulatory oversight.
  • Landscape of players including direct alt-lenders, online lenders and MPLs.
  • State law requirements regarding licensing, usury, and advertising.
  • Discussing whether small businesses should receive the same protections as consumers.

The OCC’s Latest Guidance on Fintech-Bank Partnerships (Presentation)

  • What OCC Bulletin 2017-21 means for banks and fintechs.
  • New definitions for what constitutes a financial technology company.
  • Potential regulations which would impact how fintechs operate.
  • Proper vetting techniques for third-party vendor services.

Challenges to the Bank-Partnership Model (Presentation)

  • Structure of bank relationships with marketplace lenders.
  • Why this issue impacts nearly every online lender.
  • Guidance concerning purchased loans and third-party lending relationships.
  • Issues to consider in cross-border bank-lender partnerships.

Understanding how the Blockchain Will Lead to Improved Transparency in Lending (Presentation)

  • Integrity at the origination of the asset.
  • Certainty in ownership and collateral position.
  • Payment and servicing data consistent across all parties of the ecosystem.
  • Creation of smart contracts.

Networking & Coffee Break

Structuring Investments in Alternative Lenders (Presentation)

  • Venture capital trends in the alternative lending sector.
  • Different approaches to invest in a finance business.
  • Strategic investment activity and common deal structures.
  • Using asset-backed securitization and revolving debt facilities.

Industrial Loan Companies: Why Alt-lenders are Pursuing an ILC Charter (Presentation)

  • The Bank Holding Company Act and Federal Reserve Board requirements.
  • Community bank dissent.
  • A natural evolution of the banking industry?
  • Updates on Square, SoFi’s pursuit of an ILC.

Luncheon & Networking

Key Issues in Madden v. Midland Funding (Presentation)

  • Discussion of key claims against Midland.
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
  • Public policy issues relating to the free assignability of debt.
  • Implications to securitizations, sales of defaulted debt, and rent-a-BIN lending.

Recent Litigation in Merchant Cash Advance & How it’s Impacting Contractual Agreements (Presentation)

  • Updates on recent cases and the litigation strategies used in them.
  • Understanding the latest funding trends and brokering arrangements.
  • Legal tactics to construct agreements to avoid usury claims.
  • Latest regulatory trends including efforts to include MCA under state lending rules.

Asset-backed Securitization Trends in Marketplace Lending (Panel)

  • Regulators’ increasing focus on data integrity and verification.
  • Self-sponsored, multi-seller deal strategies.
  • Structuring transactions to protect investors from “true lender” risk.

Networking & Coffee Break

Hot Issues in Debt Consolidation and Bankruptcy for Lenders (Presentation)

  • Issues that land creditors in trouble when collecting delinquent debts.
  • Selling charged-off and defaulted debt.
  • How to avoid sanctions in bankruptcy matters.
  • Maximizing recoveries in bankruptcy proceedings.

Advertising Guidance for Online Lenders and MPLs (Panel)

  • Understanding industry-specific rules and regulations.
  • Government enforcement examples.
  • Truth in Lending Act guidelines for proper disclosure.
  • Advertising via social media, mobile platforms, e-mail, and direct mail.
  • Avoiding deceptive claims and the improper use of endorsements.

Compliance Risks Associated with Alt-Lending (Presentation)

  • A review of hot topics and major compliance risks specific to non-bank lending.
  • How to identify compliance red flags.
  • Setting up an effective compliance risk management program.
  • Corporate governance, due diligence and internal controls.

The OCC’s Proposed Fintech Charter (Presentation)

  • Discussion of the pros and cons of a single regulatory framework.
  • States’ attempts to beat the OCC on implementation.
  • Nationwide litigation updates surrounding the OCC’s proposal.

The State of Small Business Lending and Financial Health (Presentation)

  • Discussion of credit trends in U.S. small business lending.
  • Identifying common reasons why alternative lenders develop problems.
  • Legal responsibilities of lenders’ board of directors and management.

Latest Trends in Collections (Presentation)

  • How lenders are protecting themselves absent SME credit data.
  • Common loan stacking techniques to be aware of.
  • Fine-tuning your credit policies and payment terms.
  • Understanding the legal implications of collection practices.

Closing Remarks

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TKP Conference Center

The TKP Conference Center is conveniently located within walking distance of Grand Central Terminal, the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and Penn Station. For this event, we have contracted to rent the entire 2nd floor facility to accommodate our attendees and sponsors.


TKP Conference Center

The TKP Conference Center is conveniently located within walking distance of Grand Central Terminal, the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and Penn Station. For this event, we have contracted to rent the entire 2nd floor facility to accommodate our attendees and sponsors.

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